Affordable Homes for Educators & Families NOW

Prop E has two key parts:

1) Makes it easier & faster to build 100% Affordable Housing by:

  • Rezoning all lots over 10,000 square feet to allow 100% affordable housing—opening up numerous opportunities citywide for affordable housing development without demolishing existing housing

  • Rezoning publicly owned land to allow 100% affordable housing—creating more opportunities for affordable housing without touching public parks

  • Waiving density restrictions for affordable housing and allowing ground floor height increases—making affordable housing development more feasible across the City

  • Streamlining 100% Affordable Housing & Educator Housing—requiring that projects be reviewed and administratively approved within a strict timeline

2) Creates a pilot program for Educator Housing Projects by:

  • Rezoning school district and city college land to allow educator housing—unlocking those properties for housing dedicated to SFUSD & CCSF employees 

  • Creating a definition of Educator Housing with dedicated funding in the November housing bond—keeping educators in the City